Fix iMessage Bubble or Screen Effects Not Working Issue

Recently, with the new iOS version there are many features introduced by Apple like iMessage Bubble Effect, Optimized performance, etc. Apart from all, the most significant update is revamping the iMessage app. As most of the iDevices support, the new iOS changes but some lower version iPhones are getting an error, and they are seeking to fix the iMessage Bubble effect which is not working right as expected on their iOS devices. If you are a new iPhone user and are enjoying the new iMessage update, then your happiness might end soon if you start facing this issue. If you are one of them, then check this solution to fix iMessage Bubble effect not working error.

imessage bubble effects not working

As I think, 90 out of 100 are not yet utilizing this fantastic feature given by latest iOS version. You can express better by using the new iMessage Bubble or Screen effects.

Fix iMessage Bubble Effects not Working Issue

There is only a way to fix this iMessage Bubble Effects not Working error, and the iMessage app should work well when you implement the solution.

Turning Off the Reduce Motion

Irrespective of the device that you use, all you just need to turn off the iPhone’s reduce motion option to get the iMessage Bubble effects to work. Here are the steps to change the settings.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and open ‘Settings.’

Step 2: Move to ‘General’ then ‘Accessibility.’

Step 3: You will find the toggle button next to ‘Reduce Motion’ option. Disable it to turn off the reduce motion, and it will enable to use iMessage Bubble effects.

This tip should help you in fixing iMessage Bubble Effect not Working error. If not, you should reset the settings or the device and then reconfigure it by taking the proper backup. Let us know whether this suggestion helped you in solving the issue or not via the comment section down below.

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