How To Block Websites In All Web Browsers?

block websites all browsers

There are several reasons to block websites in all web browsers. We all have been through times when we find ourselves distracted by the social media notifications. Whether it is your Facebook timeline, Instagram memes or just online poker. We all have our poison, and often get engrossed in it while you get strayed away

Remove Malware/Adware from Windows PC

remove malware adware from computer

Virus Infection is one of the most concerned topics among computer users, especially in Windows ecosystem. A computer virus comes in a variety of forms and most of us are mislead referring all as Malware. Well, Computer viruses differ from each other; the way they inject into your system, spread infection, and their damages. Encountering

What are the Best Kodi Boxes Available?

Best Kodi Boxes Fully Loaded

There are some fully loaded Kodi boxes available in the market, which you can pair with your TV. Here is an explanation of a Kodi box and how to select from among the best Kodi boxes available in the market which are fully loaded. A brief about Kodi Boxes A standalone streaming device which has

Mirror Windows Screen to Android, iOS and Mac

Mirror Windows Screen Remotely Control PC

You can use Windows screen sharing feature to mirror your screen on any other device like Android, iOS and Mac. This feature helps to control the Windows PC remotely and access data from any other location. The feature also allows you to troubleshoot another PC even when you are not present physically at the location.