How to Stop Automatic Updates?

turn off automatic updates

Most bothering issue for Smartphone users is automatic updates. We are here to let you know how you can stop automatic updates on any Smartphone which simplifies your problem. The main issue is, it eats away all the memory left where the updates won’t help you much. In this article we would like to discuss on how

How to Change your Search Engine in MS Office

Change your Search Engine in MS Office

Most of us use combination of Microsoft Operating System and Google or other applications. Mainly, our routine work surrounds around search engine and Microsoft`s Bing comes last choice of preference when it comes to search engine. Here’s a guide to change your default search engine in MS office if you’re annoyed with Bing and you

Use WhatsApp on PC without BlueStacks

WhatsApp on PC without BlueStacks

Got frustrated using hell lots of Emulators to use WhatsApp on PC? ABasically every emulator including Virtual Manager needs a graphics card in order to operate Android Apps on PC. The primary cause for this is to sustain the graphics or load created by the app itself. We have already written a tutorial on how