Install BlueStacks without Graphics Card

I recently needed to install BlueStacks on a computer that did not have a graphics card. I had no idea how I was going to get it done, but after some research into the matter, I found out the edited version of BlueStacks which allows you to run apps within your own operating system! The process is fairly straightforward and if all else fails there are plenty of tutorials online for help. But don’t worry, this tutorial will teach you everything you need to know!

The graphics in games have been a problem with Bluestacks for some time now. If you’re one of the many people who’ve tried to use it, but found that your computer’s hardware just couldn’t keep up? Well, worry no more! We will teach you how to install Bluestacks without Graphics card and still play any game on their best settings possible.

BlueStacks without Graphics Card in Windows

In an unfortunate turn of events, it has become clear that PC gamers may have to face the wrath of a few technical difficulties. These troubles are usually caused by not meeting certain requirements such as graphics card or RAM with at least 2 GB available space for storage. If the requirements doesn’t meet, you will get an error like ‘Graphics card should be updated’ or ‘RAM should be minimum of 2GB.’ However, if you find yourself in this dilemma then fear not because there is hope! By downloading and installing the edited version of BlueStacks from the website linked here we can bypass these errors and continue gaming on our desktop PCs without interruptions.

A graphics card is the most common cause of an error with BlueStacks Android Emulator. However, it’s not a problem if you have 1GB or more RAM because your onboard device will help out with some rendering power to run these programs without any problems!

Most often the error would be ‘Error 25000 of Graphics Card’ when there is a conflict between software and hardware on PCs, the hardware usually needs to be updated in order for everything else (software) work properly again. In this case though, we don’t have the graphics card to run the Bluestacks Android Emulator but luckily that doesn’t matter as long as your PC has over 1GB of RAM.

Download Bluestacks Edited Version

Download the edited installation file of Bluestacks (127.67MB) and no need to change any settings during the process of installation. Just follow the onscreen instructions to install this version of BlueStacks on PC without any hassles.

Using this version of Bluestacks, you can access various Android apps and can use them on PC with higher resolution. It helps to test apps without bricking Android Smartphones or devices.

install bluestacks without graphics card

Bluestacks Android Emulator without Graphics Card

Please read these Frequently Asked Questions –

1. My Screen turning to Black after opening BlueStacks – If you get black screen after using this version of Blue Stacks and if your PC is equipped with < 1GB RAM with no onboard Graphics then it is common. Possibly you can’t use Android Apps on PC using BlueStacks. If you have minimum hardware requirements and getting same black screen then try restarting PC or Application. Mostly this will solve the issue.

2. Getting error 25000 of Graphic Card – This is an edited version of BlueStacks. You can bypass the error using this version. But you may face lag issues of Android Apps while running them.

3. I’m not getting any Apps – Try using GetJar or 1Mobile to download Applications. If this doesn’t work, Google “Your App Name APK” and then open the APK file using Blue Stacks.

Bluestacks is an app player that lets users play mobile apps on their PCs. It’s a pretty popular tool, and many people use it to play games like Pokemon Go or Clash of Clans etc. But what if you don’t have a graphics card? We’re here to help! In this video we’ll show you how to install Bluestacks without graphics card so you can finally enjoy your favorite Android game on the big screen. Check out the video tutorial below for more info about playing games with bluestacks and see our other helpful videos in case there’s something else you need help installing! Please check the FAQ’s section before commenting. If you are facing any other issues, please do let us know. Please share this tutorial on how to install Bluestacks without Graphics card within your family or friends.

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  1. hey bro i hv installed offline installer version of blue stacks and m using whatsapp on it from over a year….i hv a laptop with low graphic card….intel r 965 express chipset…

    but i m nt able to upgrade the latest version of whatsapp as it is giving error message that it requires high performance graphics,,,,plz help

    and can i run sdk manager and andyroid on my laptop as it has low graphic card…

  2. ive been trying to download the edited installation file but i always get this “Failed – System busy” on the download bar. help

  3. Bro…the link provided above for edited version of Bluestacks is not woring!!! And can i play Clash of Clans on edited version of bluestacks!!!

  4. is it possible to install this version even if yu have a graphics card? btw o.O how can yu run a pc without VGA Card? is that even possible ? like a minimum 128 Vram is needed right? 🙂

  5. 2015.12.07

    Hello Crown Praveen sirji,

    all good wishes to you.

    BlueStacks installed successfully but lastly downloading ‘whatsapp’

    message display “you may update the graphics drivers”

    can you please help me to solve this problem !?!?

    i have screenPrint of that but how to send you that file ?

    ..with Best regards from….

    Upendra uncle.


  6. i want to install whatsapp on my laptop but it is showing the graphic card issue, though installing bluestack and youwave…… how can i resolve the issue ?

  7. installed as your instruction. after instalation when i m trying to install whatsapp error message is coming for graphic card is too low some thing like that,

    and then installation stoped.

    please help

  8. Sir ! i’ve installed this app ! but in the middile of the installing…. it stopped , and said some integrity files error ! i don’t know why and what…. kindly help me ASAP please…. I shall be thanksfull 2 you….

  9. I have bluestacks app it is installed properly it dosen’t showing. Any errors

    but when I install app and open. It the screen turns black what can I do bro plz tell me

  10. hi bro,i had installed ur edited bluestacks into my laptop but still im getting an error as graphical card or hardware will not support and some will not work properly. and im having 64bit system type.plz help me

  11. It shows error message on installing any app. The error message is “App installation failed:INSTALL_FAILED_APP_OLDER_SDK”. What can i do?

  12. This app installed and work on my pc but any application i download from getjar and other would not install, it will require for graphics….please help me

  13. Is there an updated modified version?

    I have installed yours and it works but all the new apps can’t run on it!!!!!

    Hope you can help



  14. My Laptop is Samsung NP 148. RAM is 2 GB. How can I run Bluestacks smoothly in my Laptop. I tried for some version but it is not run smoothly. Please let me know some old version that will run in my Laptop without any problem. Please give me link and advice. Please write to me in my email.


    Radha Rani

  15. i have sucessfully installed bluestack from the link above but the app is not starting.when i try starting app it shows loading and after few second app automatically closes. pl help


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