How to Install WhatsApp on PC?

As the Android fever grips the market, a time was imminent when one of the most popular Android based instant messaging software – the “WhatsApp” application would become so curiously famous that even those who do not use an Android empowered smart phone would like to try it out on, say, a PC. And thanks to the fast paced technological development, this simulation is not at all far-fetched now!

With the emergence of middleware software like BlueStacks, any Android application would run in your local PC environment (Windows or MAC) in as much the same way as it would have ran in the Android infrastructure. In this post, therefore, we would take a dig at how you can experience using “WhatsApp” via BlueStacks on your local PC.

Installing WhatsApp on PC through BlueStacks

As expected, in the sequence of operations, firstly, BlueStacks need to be installed on the PC where you want to use Whatsapp.

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Installing BlueStacks is not difficult. Simply download the software and follow the obvious installation instructions as it pops up on the dialog windows. Remember that installing BlueStacks successfully is extremely important as it would effectively act as the middleware in providing Whatsapp the Android-like environment on your, say, Windows 7 machine. Thus, any glitch in the installation of BlueStacks would conclusively imply a failure of WhatsApp operation.

If the BlueStacks initial installation was successful, you should expect the “Start BlueStacks” icon. Launch it and wait until the home screen of BlueStacks appears on the PC. On the home screen search for “My Apps” button and then click on “App Search” within it.

If you face any issues like Graphics Card Error, RAM limitations, Blank Screen Error then refer this tutorial on how to install BlueStacks without Graphics Card.

You would be enlisted with a number of predefined apps. As obvious as it could be, select WhatsApp from the list and trigger to install it. It might take some time to install contingent to the internet connectivity speed, so you would have to wait the delay.

Once Whatsapp has been installed successfully, open it and you would be prompted to configure it with your cell number. Configure the same and bingo, you would be well on the way of using WhatsApp – an otherwise Android app meant to be used from an Android compliant device right from your Personal Computer.

We hope that by observing the steps enumerated above, you would be able to access WhatsApp from the comfort of your PC. In any case, however, please leave us comments with the problems you faced which thwarted you from using WhatsApp on PC via BlueStacks. We would try to revert back to your comments with solutions.

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