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make whatsapp stickers

How To Make WhatsApp Stickers From Photos?

With the very recent update, WhatsApp has released a new feature called WhatsApp Stickers. With this new highlight, users can create their own stickers...
Error Retrieving Information from Server [RPC S-7 AEC-0]

Fix “Error Retrieving Information from Server [RPC S-7 AEC-0]”

Are you frustrated by seeing the message like 'Error Retrieving Information from Server ' when you try to download an app from the Play...
Showbox Not Working

Showbox Captcha not working?

Have you subscribed to Showbox? Did Showbox Captcha not working for you? Most of the subscribers are facing some kind of problem while accessing...
Remotely Wipe data lost Android Phone

Remotely Wipe All Data from Lost Android Phone

This article introduces Remote Data Wipe technology which is crucial for data security measures and which is must have in the current hand-held devices....
Remotely Control Android Phone from PC

Remotely Control Android Phone from PC [How To]

Here’s the detailed tutorial on to control an Android phone directly from PC. We just tried it with our Android mobile and it is...
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