APK Downloader: Save APK files to PC

Due to unlimited availability of Android apps in the playstore, Android still finds its charm in the market despite of existence of leading Smartphone’s in the market. You may find number of apps for every use and that to for free of cost.

But due to low internet bandwidth or low internet speed, many handset users face problems in downloading these applications directly to their handsets. Due to this limited internet bandwidth or lack of 3G data plan, many users are benefited with these applications.

So as a solution to this problem, we can download Android applications on our PC as an APK file which can be later transferred to our devices. To do so, one needs to have APK Downloader which allows downloading of any app from the play store for free that you desire to have in your Smartphone. This doesn’t mean that you can download any app from the store as it is not a piracy tool. You can get only those apps that are available for free.

APK Downloader

The foremost requirement to download any APK file in a PC is having a browser. And if you don’t have already installed in your PC than you can download it and install it in your system.

Using APK Downloader

Actually, it is possible to download the APK files using the extension given by Evozi. But when we tried the process with higher end mobiles, we failed to register with the application with the smartphone device ID. So, we recommend to download APK files to PC using the following method which is safe and easy.

  • First thing is to visit APK downloader website by Evozi.
  • In the other browser window, open Google Playstore and after your desired app page is opened just copy the URL of it and make a visit to the APK Downloader webpage.
  • Over here paste the copied text in the text field and then click on the generate download link option.
  • This generates a download link for the chosen app which will save this APK file to your PC.

That’s it. Now you can transfer the Android App to your handset easily using USB data transfer or using any file manager. Watch the video to know the process more clearly.

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