Not Working? Here is the Solution

This is the general question I’m frequently getting from the subscribers of my YouTube channel that they can’t access the router admin page. Their requirement is evident because the only way to set up the wireless router is by retrieving the login page using the IP address Do you know that you yourself can resolve this not working issue by following some series of steps that I will be listing out very soon here. However, it is suggested to follow the steps one by one in order to troubleshoot and find the culprit. Once you find the reason behind is not opening problem, it is easy for us to modify the same setting whenever we need to change the security or some other configurations of the wireless router. You can apply the exact steps to any router to find the default gateway IP address that finally solves a connection problem to

What does the IP address usually mean?

See, in the Internet space, we do have a couple of IP address formats known as Public and Private IP addresses. The Public IP address is the one that points out the exact location of yours, and the Private IP address is reserved for specific functions. not working

So, now the, and all fall under the private IP address space. Not only the three, but there are many, and they are assigned for different operations. Coming back to the topic, all the above-mentioned IP addresses are reserved by certain router manufacturers like say, Netgear reserves, TP-Link reserves, etc.

When you have the problem like is not opening, the first step you need to check whether the same IP address is from the same manufacturer or not. If yes, then fine, read how to solve a connection problem to easily in 4 simple methods.

Here are the 4 simple steps to resolve if you can’t access wireless router admin page to change the settings of the router.

1. Look for the right Router Login IP address

I know you are like,

“Hey, stop! Are we trying to login to the router without know the IP address?”

I understand. However, we are troubleshooting the issue here. So, please verify once again the right IP address of the router by looking label behind or check the instruction guide within the retail box.

If you find none, then do a simple Google search with the manufacturer name followed by the model number. Example: Netgear N150 router IP address.

2. Find IP through Command Prompt

This is a bit technical thing. I suggest you watch the video embed below this article to know how you can accurately find the router login IP address from the Command Prompt. I try my best to describe it in a text format.

First, open Run dialogue box then type ‘ncpa.cpl.’ This will get you the Network and Sharing center window. In here, open the IPv4 properties of the active internet connection and lock the IP address to ‘Obtain automatically.’

Note: Take the backup of ISP IP details before opting to the above-mentioned selection. In some cases, you only able to browse the Internet only with the ISP provided IP addresses.

What this will do is, now the computer will fetch the default gateway IP address from the router itself which in our case is or whatever the manufacturer is.

Now close everything then open Command Prompt and then type ‘ipconfig/all.’ When you run this command, you will see the default gateway IP of the router, and you can use the same to enter into router wifi router setup page on Android Phone or Computer. This will mostly solve not working issue. If this still says that you can’t reach the site when you enter 192.168.l.l, then move on to the next one.

3. Uninstall your Security Software if page isn’t working

If you failed at the steps as mentioned above, then yes for sure, the culprit is your Antivirus. I personally had a bad experience with Kaspersky Internet Security, and after struggling for hours, I finally knew that my security software is blocking in accessing the private IP address which is or routerlogin.net (for Netgear).

So, instead of turn it off for a while, remove or uninstall it entirely then configure your router settings using the default router login IP and then reinstall your security software. It does work 100{c7b30aa9d9592c4bbf2e2941f10032306801ed79863eb96c896f90a2ea2e1931} to me, and I hope you too can solve a connection problem to with this tip.


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