Configuring IPv6 on Your NETGEAR Router for Future-Proofing

NETGEAR Router IPv6 Configuration

Enabling IPv6 support on your NETGEAR router allows you to access the growing number of websites and services that use the next-generation IP addressing protocol. Configuring IPv6 can future-proof your home network to support the latest devices and applications. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for checking IPv6 availability with your

How to Set Up and Manage a Guest Network on Your NETGEAR Router?

netgear wifi guest network

Setting up a guest network on your NETGEAR router provides separate Wi-Fi access for visitors to use while keeping your main home network private and secure. This guide will walk you through the entire process of configuring guest Wi-Fi in a few easy steps. Why bother with a guest Wireless

Essential Security Tips to Protect Your NETGEAR Router and Network

netgear router security guide

Securing your NETGEAR router is essential to implementing a comprehensive network security plan and defense-in-depth strategy. With cyber threats constantly evolving, following security best practices to fortify your router is more important than ever. This article outlines key steps NETGEAR users should take to strengthen the router admin interface and

How to Use Your NETGEAR Router as a WiFi Repeater or Extender?

NETGEAR Router as Repeater

Converting an old NETGEAR router into a WiFi repeater or range extender is a cost-effective way to eliminate dead zones and expand your home’s wireless network reach. Unlike a dedicated repeater, repurposing your existing NETGEAR router uses WDS (Wireless Distribution System) technology to wirelessly relay signals from your main router