How To Make WhatsApp Stickers From Photos?

make whatsapp stickers

With the very recent update, WhatsApp has released a new feature called WhatsApp Stickers. With this new highlight, users can create their own stickers in WhatsApp with their friends and family members. As of now, there are no apps available for iPhone users but can send the shared stickers by Not Working? Here is the Solution not working

This is the general question I’m frequently getting from my YouTube channel subscribers, who can’t access the router admin page. Their requirement is evident because the only way to set up the wireless router is by retrieving the login page using the IP address Do you know you

Download Videos on iPhone or iPad without iTunes

download videos on iphone ipad internet

When you switch from Android to iOS, the first and foremost question you may get is, ‘Can I download Videos on iPhone from the Internet?’ The answer to your question is a strong YES. When we don’t have a high number of apps and the technology, there are fewer chances

Make Windows 10 Bootable DVD Easily

make windows 10 bootable dvd

Making a Windows 10 bootable DVD and installing your operating system can be a task altogether. And there have many occasions when you might have thought if only you could have backed up your Windows 10 on a DVD at least. And times at work like these, even a DVD