How to Check FaceTime Call Duration?

Have you ever lost track of time during Facetime and wondered how long you chatted with friends or family? Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it’s easy to check the duration of any Facetime call. In this guide, we’ll cover how to view Facetime call lengths on iOS and iPadOS devices, restore deleted Facetime history, monitor data usage, and more.

How to See How Long You’ve Been on Facetime?

Check Facetime Call Duration on iPhone

When using Facetime on an iPhone running iOS, follow these steps to see a call’s length:

  • Open the Facetime app
  • Go to the Recents tab
  • Find the Facetime call you want to check
  • Tap the i icon next to the call

Tapping the information button will display full call details, including the exact duration of that Facetime session.

You can also find recent Facetime calls in the Phone app under Recents. Tap a Facetime call entry and then tap the i button to view the length.

Check Facetime Call Duration on iPhone

View Facetime Call Length on iPad.

Checking Facetime call duration on an iPad running iPadOS is very similar:

  • Launch the Facetime app on your iPad
  • Navigate to the Recents section
  • Locate the desired Facetime call
  • Tap the info i button beside the call

This will show the Facetime call duration and other details like the date, time, and Apple ID of the contact you called.

Is Facetime Call History Missing?

If your Facetime calls suddenly disappear from the Recents tab in the Facetime or Phone apps, don’t panic. They may have been accidentally deleted. Here are some recovery options:

  • Facetime calls get removed from both Facetime and Phone apps
  • Recover deleted Facetime call history from an iCloud or iTunes backup
  • Third-party iPhone data recovery software can also retrieve deleted Facetime calls

Restoring from a backup or using data recovery tools lets you access deleted Facetime call logs with durations intact.

Facetime Audio vs Video Call Duration

An interesting difference is that you can view Facetime audio call length during an ongoing call. Still, the duration of the Facetime video call is only shown once the call has ended.

The duration of Facetime group calls and screen-sharing sessions will also appear on the call details screen.

Facetime Data Usage

Facetime relies on Wi-Fi connectivity by default but will use cellular data if Wi-Fi is unavailable. The call details screen shows how much data was consumed by each Facetime call.

Typical Facetime data usage ranges from 2-20 MB per minute on cellular networks and is usually higher on Wi-Fi. Longer calls inevitably use more data, so connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible.

Checking the duration for Facetime calls only takes a few simple taps on your iPhone or iPad. You can also restore accidentally deleted Facetime histories from backups. Be mindful of potential cellular data usage, especially for long Facetime video calls without Wi-Fi.

For more tips on customizing and troubleshooting Facetime, check out our guides on using Facetime and adjusting Facetime settings.

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