How to Change Apple Watch to Military Time?

How to change Apple Watch to Military Time

The Apple Watch allows you to switch between standard 12-hour and 24-hour military time formats easily. If you prefer seeing the 24-hour Clock on your watch face, you can enable this by changing a simple setting. Military or 24-hour time displays hours from 0 to 23 instead of the standard

How to Tell What Size My Apple Watch is?

how to tell what size my apple watch is

Knowing the size of your Apple Watch is essential for ordering new bands and accessories that fit correctly. But how do you determine the case size if you don’t remember which Model you originally purchased? There are a few easy ways to find out what size Apple Watch you have.

How to Block Someone on your Apple Watch?

How to Block Someone on your Apple Watch

When using our Apple Watch, we occasionally want to block someone like an ex, a bully, or an unknown caller sending unwanted messages or calls. The ability to block contacts on Apple Watch ensures we only receive communications from people we want to hear from. In this guide, we’ll outline

Reset Apple Watch without Password

reset apple watch without passcode

Forgetting your Apple Watch passcode or being locked out after too many failed attempts can be frustrating. You can reset the Apple Watch without a password to erase the device and start fresh. Resetting may be necessary if you forgot your passcode, entered it wrong too many times, or want