How to Change your Search Engine in MS Office

Change your Search Engine in MS Office

Most of us use combination of Microsoft Operating System and Google or other applications. Mainly, our routine work surrounds around search engine and Microsoft`s Bing comes last choice of preference when it comes to search engine. Here’s a guide to …

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Remotely Wipe All Data from Lost Android Phone

Remotely Wipe data lost Android Phone

This article introduces Remote Data Wipe technology which is crucial for data security measures and which is must have in the current hand-held devices. It’s bad enough that when your phone is lost or stolen, but with all that we …

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4 Perfect Antivirus for Android Smartphones

Antivirus for Android

Smartphones are the wisest and one of most convenient technological idea in the history of mankind. It is the essential component of our daily lives as it is usable for different purposes. Smartphones expand our capabilities and help to solve …

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