Make Windows 10 Bootable DVD Easily

make windows 10 bootable dvd

Making a Windows 10 bootable DVD and installing your operating system can be a task altogether. And there have many occasions when you might have thought if only you could have backed up your Windows 10 on a DVD at …

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15 WhatsApp Tricks & Tips You Never Knew

whatsapp tricks tips

Before knowing the top new WhatsApp Tricks and Tips, let’s see some of the insights of this chat messenger. WhatsApp is one thing right now almost a billion people use on a daily basis. And the app has come a …

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How To Block Websites In All Web Browsers?

block websites all browsers

There are several reasons to block websites in all web browsers. We all have been through times when we find ourselves distracted by the social media notifications. Whether it is your Facebook timeline, Instagram memes or just online poker. We …

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Create Windows 10 Bootable USB Pendrive

windows 10 bootable usb pendrive

Before getting into the process of creating the Windows 10 Bootable USB Pendrive, let’s talk few things about the evolution. The availability of reasonably priced USB pen drives has changed the way we carry and store digital information. They have …

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