Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10 (Solved)

bluetooth not working windows 10

Have you realized lately that your Bluetooth not working in Windows 10? Then do not worry. We here to help you out. If your Bluetooth not finding devices when you turn on it, then you probably need to fix some of the things to get back the device into the normal state. We can’t blindly

Bluetooth Not Showing in Device Manager

bluetooth not showing in device manager on windows 10

Don’t feel so frustrated if your Bluetooth not showing in Device Manager. There are different ways to get back your hidden bluetooth driver and can make it work. When upgrading to the latest OS, Windows 10 or 8.1 there is a chance your Bluetooth will disappear from Device Manager and you won’t be able to

How to Turn Off Windows Update in Windows 10?

Turn Off Windows Update in Windows 10

Turning off Windows Update in Windows 10 is a matter of concern for many users, but before we land up discussing it let us look at some data depicting the success story of the new launched operating system. Windows 10 is beginning to resemble a tremendous accomplishment for Microsoft as the appropriation of the operating

Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode (How To)

Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode

Tried all the possible ways to boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode? Do you still remember the days when we used to boot Windows 8 in old methods where it needs extremely much time and turn off everything, pressing F8 or Shift+F8 no longer work? Everything became so fast like booting an operating system won’t