Install BBM for Android on PC using GenyMotion

With increase in the usage of Android based devices, the applications which run on Android is also on a surge upwards. One such application is the “BBM”. Even though BBM could be installed the more traditional way, however, there is yet another software by the name “GenyMotion” which is to be utilized for installing BBM. Installing BBM through GenyMotion helps you deal with a few things more easily – we would get to all of them in a little while, nevertheless, first, let us start the process by briefly looking into GenyMotion itself as we subsequently go into the installation process of BBM through GenyMotion!

BBM for Android on PC

The GenyMotion

Available in most well known operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, technically speaking GenyMotion is software (or should I say collection of software) that offers a virtual infrastructure for Android applications. Once installed, it creates the environment, in which Android applications could be developed, tested, tuned, and what not!

If we just enumerate a few striking features that GenyMotion provides then they would be:

  • The facility to start multiple Android (virtual) devices at the same time (may be a smart phone, a tablet etc). This would enable a developer and/or tester to test his creation on multiple devices!
  • Another important simulation that GenyMotion provides is that with sensors. With GenyMotion controlling Battery status, GPS coordinates, camera rotation are just easy modifications for the developer and testers.
  • GenyMotion also provides its own “shell”! It means the devices underlying processor can be directly “commanded” via GenyMotion.
  • Managing screen resolution issues with changing screen sizes with different Android devices; managing ever dwindling memory and frugal usage of CPU cycles is more easy-to-achieve in GenyMotion!

With the need of GenyMotion understood, it is now time to turn our attention to BBM

The BBM with GenyMotion

BBM or the BlackBerryMessenger is, as the name explicitly explains, is an instant messaging and video-telephony application from mobile phone giant BlackBerry.

BBM allows the user to connect himself/herself over the mobile phone network (BBM also supports Wi-Fi connectivity) and interact with other BBM users and send/receive messages, photos, share videos and do every other activity that a standard messenger is supposed to do!

But one of the most alluring fact about BBM is that it supports and runs in Android platform!

Here is how to Install BBM through GenyMotion on your PC

In the first place you would have to download your copy of GenyMotion and install it on your local system. This is a pretty straight forward job and should not create any nuisance if you follow the simple installation steps at intimated on the installation windows.

Once installed, open GenyMotion and sign in to GenyMotion cloud. You would be offered a list of virtual devices; precisely select Galaxy S4 HTC One Xperia Z – 4.2.2 – with Google Apps – API 17 – 1080×1920 only since BBM works best with this model Virtual device only.

Click on the play icon and the virtual device would be up-and-running. Next check your internet connectivity and subsequently help yourself to Google play store and download BBM from the virtual store.

Once BBM is downloaded on to your local system, launch its icon and follow the simplified steps and the home-view of BBM would appear. Sign in with your BBM account and there you go, you can enjoy the BBM-ride right there on your PC! However do not neglect that feature that GenyMotion would provide you; the feature(s) to modify the internal settings of BBM. So you might want to check out on that as well and let us know your latest find-outs!

Watch this Video on How to Install BBM for Android on PC to understand better.

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